So you've decided to embark upon the path to Organic Certification. Welcome!

You will be joining a large group of like-minded individuals and businesses that have seen that Certification offers a guarantee of organic integrity, a verification of your support for sustainable agricultural practices, and access to growing markets for organic products, both at home and abroad. 

The process of Certification itself will differ dependent on whether the applicant or operation seeking certification is an Australian National Operation (i.e. based within Australia) or is an International Operation (i.e. based outside Australia).

While the Steps to Certification within Australia involve a common process of regular inspection and review, the timeframe and requirements will vary dependent on whether the applicant is a Primary Producer, involved in Manufacturing and Distribution, or Retail Trade. These steps are outlined in greater detail on the Australian National Operation page.

All applicants to certification intending to export organic product must meet specific export requirements. Additional certification is required for product exported to Japan (JAS) and USA (USDA - NOP). Accreditation through these programs can be undertaken as a separate exercise, or in addition to existing NASAA Certification.